Freddy as Poet

Among his many other accomplishments, Freddy was an accomplished poet and his poems may be found in The Collected Poems of Freddy the Pig. They also appear throughout the novels and have inspired many imitations by both the members of the Friends of Freddy and other characters in the books. Notable among these is Mrs. Peppercorn who sought to help Freddy with his poetry in Freddy and the Spaceship by composing the following verses: “Some stars are large and some are small, And some are quite invisiball.” and “The light from some far distant stars Does not reach earth for yars and yars.” A more thoughtful commentary on Freddy’s poetry was offered by the screech owl, Uncle Solomon, in Freddy Plays Football: [Freddy] began hastily to recite, “Through the night, through the dark, through the rain and sleet, By hill and valley and plain, Plods the wanderer pig, on weary feet—“ “And his poetry gives me a pain,” interrupted Uncle Solomon, from his lookout on a branch above the pool. “Oh, keep still!” said Freddy. And his tears they drip like rain,” he concluded. “Personally,” said Uncle Solomon. “I prefer my version. It avoids the use of the word ‘they,’

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