Florida Illustrations

To get more info on Freddy Goes to Florida.

Published in 1927 as To and Again

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Click Small Picture to See Full SizedTitle PageLocation of Original Other Appearances Caption
Multiple\missing_pict-150x150.png Floridacover boardalso 166ANone
Multiple\missing_pict-150x150.png Floridaspine boardMultipleNone
Multiple\missing_pict-150x150.png Floridafront cvrNone
Multiple\missing_pict-150x150.png FloridaendpapersNone
Multiple\missing_pict-150x150.png Floridaopp title pgalso 122ANone
Multiple\missing_pict-150x150.png Florida2AAfter clearing his throat he began to crow.
Multiple\missing_pict-150x150.png Florida10AThe meeting was a great success.
Multiple\missing_pict-150x150.png Florida28A“We have to go across that valley and those hills.”
Multiple\missing_pict-150x150.png Florida42A“Here I am,” she said, “down among the fishes.”
Multiple\missing_pict-150x150.png Florida62ABang, bang—bingle BOOM!
Multiple\missing_pict-150x150.png Florida90AA very wet Jinx was crawling up onto the bank.
Multiple\missing_pict-150x150.png Florida11A“We alligators will have our little joke, you know.”
Multiple\missing_pict-150x150.png Florida122Aalso opp title pgMrs. Wiggins he dotted all over.
Multiple\missing_pict-150x150.png Florida150A“Now we’ve got an alarm-clock for Mr. Bean.”
Multiple\missing_pict-150x150.png Florida166A“The clock is gone,” he panted.
Multiple\missing_pict-150x150.png FloridabackHunterdon County Library, NJ

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