Bean Home Newsletter

The Bean Home Newsletter is the official publication of the Friends of Freddy. Containing news, views, and book trading/selling information, it is the primary benefit of membership. You may join or renew your membership on this site by clicking on the Join the Club tab.

Please find below three representative issues of the Bean Home Newsletter. The newsletters are available either electronically or in print, depending on the type of membership you choose. If you have any questions, please contact the club at

The Spring 2017 issue contains news of our Little Free Library Campaign, among other articles about the Freddy books.

Spring 2017

BeanNewsV24N03 (1)

The Fall 2016 issue tells of our 2016 Convention and gives you a good idea of what the 2018 convention will be like.

Fall 2016:

BeanNewsV24N01 (1)

The Summer 2016 issue has an interesting article on Don Quixote and Freddy. Now that’s an intriguing combination!

Summer 2016: