On Line Convention Oct 15 16 17

Join us online in Cyberboro each night at 7 (ET) for Freddyfest 2021!

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SUNDAY 10/17 (7 pm, ET) Click here
Inspired by the Summer Olympics, Randy Cepuch looks at sports in the Freddy books (more than just Football and Baseball – but those, too). Was Jinx a jock? Why did Freddy play so much croquet? And what real-life event surely instigated a major plot point in Baseball?
Dave Carley will MC this outdo-Mrs.-Peppercorn competition, so bring your worst, most tortured verse (no more than 10 lines of maximum awfulness). Your goal is to elicit the most groans from Judge Willey and Mrs. Winnifred Church. There will be prizes!

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October 15 and 16 and 17!