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 Freddy the Pig Concordance

The concordance allows you to search the Freddy books by character, book, or book and page number.  Check it out!  It is really quite something. A work in progress, please consider offering your help in proofreading.

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 Newspaper Articles, Podcasts, Library Collections, and Other Resources

On this page you will find an eclectic smattering of links to resources related to the Freddy the Pig book series by Walter R. Brooks, children’s books about talking animals and other literary fan clubs that might appeal to readers of Freddy.

Newspaper Articles and Reviews

David Hayes of Canada’s National Post discusses Freddy and the Bean Home News:

Despite being an animal, Freddy the Pig — a journalist who stood up to deceitful demagogues — was all too human

Adam Hochschild’s 1994 The New York Times review of the Freddy books is one of the best reviews of the books of all time. (Although I would not agree that Mr. Weezer should be classified as a villain, despite being a banker.)

And here’s another great review of the Freddy books, this time in Toronto’s Globe and Mail in 2017.

Walter R. Brooks was originally from Rome, New York and they are big fans of our pig up there!!r4XhazCQBGR9HIQrLjvQ/

The New York Times

The Day (New London CT)

The Washington Independent Review of Books


Michael Cart talks about Freddy the Pig, but that’s just for starters

This is a podcast originally posted on March 17, 2014 by Emoshea of Infopeople, a grant project of Califa. Infopeople provides training to library professionals and Califa is a nonprofit membership consortium of 230 libraries in California. If you are a librarian, or just enjoy learning about libraries, you may want to look more closely at the Infopeople site. Here, though, our focus is on “the Pig.”

Library Collections

The Arne Nixon Center at the University of California, Fresno holds Michael Cart’s papers, including the typewriter Walter R. Brooks used to write the Freddy books.

The University of Minnesota’s Kerlan Collection includes many first edition Freddy books signed by Walter R. Brooks and illustrations and ephemera such as original Christmas cards by Kurt Wiese.  Worth a visit!


The Advent of a Pig: Freddy Goes to Florida

In 2012, Mari Ness of did us all a wonderful favor and reread all of the Freddy books, providing entertaining reviews of each one as she went along. The comments are as informative and as entertaining as the reviews.

Harley Hahn, a member of Friends of Freddy and an expert on the internet, has a compilation of information about the Freddy the Pig, other children’s books and children’s resources on the internet. Harley is especially fond of Freddy’s poetry and that of Mrs. Peppercorn and you can find some examples of his “verses done in the style” of those two estimable poets on his site.

Overlook Press republished all of the Freddy the Pig titles in gorgeous facsimile editions. The books are now available through

Fan Clubs of Other Authors That Some of Us May Read When Freddy is Not Available

The site of the Baker Street Irregulars, because many of you may be fans of Sherlock Holmes as well as of Freddy.

The Wodehouse Society is the membership organization for fans of P.G. Wodehouse, author of the humorous books featuring Jeeves and Bertie Wooster.