And Mrs. Wiggins also wants to hear from you!

Our Spring CyberCon will be 90 minutes of fun, fellowship and Freddy… 

7 April 2023 7:00 PM Eastern Time
(US and Canada)

Here’s the zoom link (which will also be sent to subscribers and posted on our facebook site).

This CyberCon is going to celebrate ‘The Women of Brooks’ – both human and otherwise. Our esteemed friend Michael Cart – the author of the definitive Brooks’ biography Talking Animals and Others – is going to tell us about the real women in Walter Brooks’ life. Some of them even became characters! One of our Founding Mothers, Connie Arnold, is going to reveal her faves. Knowing Connie, you may be in for a few surprises (and laughs).

We have some other fun things planned… but we’re reaching out to you, too! Why not contribute?!

Do you have a favourite/memorable female character in the series you’d like to tell us about? A heroine? A villainess?

How about a poem or limerick – and don’t forget, the Freddy series including the whole gamut of poetry, from excellent to corny to Mrs. Peppercorny. So don’t worry about quality. 

How about a favourite Wiese drawing? Or a drawing you’ve done yourself?

We’re open to anything!

Please contact Dave Carley to discuss!

Zoom info

On 7 April 2023 7:00 PM Eastern Time: Click here to join the 2023 Spring CyberCon

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